PVC Ceilings

Why are you not seeing anything about it in our on line products range?

PVC ceilings are having a large impact on the ceiling market in South Africa.  The main reason is the durability, maintenance-free and water-resistant properties, which makes it an incredible choice for any building or renovation project you may be undertaking.

The PVC we supply from JC’s is of high quality, with a 50% PVC content and a 20-year warranty on the product alone.

Our PVC ceilings are manufactured in two width sizes and thicknesses, being 300mm x 10mm and 250mm x 7mm. For your cost efficiency and an overall better finish to your project we offer custom-made, manufactured lengths, which means no joining and especially no waste!

Our 300 wide range can be manufactured in any length from 1000mm up to 6400mm

Our 250 wide range can be manufactured in any length from 1000mm up to 12000m

In considering that our PVC range is bespoke and manufactured according to size there is a no return policy.  Accuracy must be assured when an order is placed, which makes an online purchase difficult as the colour profiles are not clear when photographs are taken, hence the fact that we don’t show them. As our ceilings will be with you for many years our mission is your happiness and complete satisfaction!


Delivery is specialized for the PVC not to be damaged, as unlike conventional ceilings PVC does not get painted or any filler when being installed, therefore the finished product must be handled with care.