About Us

Its been an incredible journey of learning laughter and friendship.  When the first idea of a Cornice store popped into our thoughts, in 2013, who would have ever imagined the life-changing experiences we were about to embark on.  Open your mind to the ‘THINK BIG’ then there is nothing holding you back.

In our first days with our small store, the learning was incredible never a day without something new to take in, mostly fun but sometimes tears of exhaustion. We have grown in our product range, our staff and our very latest venture is our own installation team.  All this has come about in keeping a standard of service and friendship with our clients.  Any kind of home improvement is daunting, we at JC’s take that burden away from you and offer our in-house guarantee that we will listen to your needs and make them happen, without it costing you an arm and a leg.

We are excited about our future as we strive to improve our service level and education daily, make us your one-stop ceilings, lighting, and cornice shop….

”To the top to the very top” is our motto why not join in the fun along the way!